• Makana

    Hawaiian term meaning gift or reward

  • “Aloha-inspired” surf clothes and more

    The Beach Lifestyle

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    A Positive Impact On Human Health

  • Traditional Way

    Of Self Expression and

    Display of True Character

Hawaiian baby clothesAloha, Makana (ma-ka-na) is a Hawaiian language term meaning “gift” or present. So welcome to the Makana Shop where you will find one of a kind, hand crafted artwork made by real people that we can wear or use in our everyday lives.

We are a small company that does not sell mass produced products but rather produce quality hand made products that can be found in some stores in Hawaii, Australia, and California. The Makana Shop has distinctive products and Hawaiian baby clothes reflect our love of the beach lifestyle.

Makana Shop.com has like minded artist creating high quality “Aloha-inspired” products and clothing. The eclectic surf lifestyle of our childhood has created recognition for our high quality products that is fulfilling a niche market.

Makana Shop.com understands talent and quality sells well. We provide opportunities for small entrepreneurs a chance to work with like minded individuals who take pride in offering beautiful hand crafted Aloha products.

Anyone with a computer can enjoy our specialty Makana Shop online! There’s something to be said for shopping any time of day or night and having high quality orders show up at your front door. It is exciting for us to do business with people from all over the world. The ultimate compliment is to see returning customers and referrals they bring to the Makana Shop.

We are looking to expand our product line and appreciate all your comments and suggestions. We would like to thank our customers for the continued encouragement and support.
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